Public Works Inspectors Monitor Fiber Optic Installation in County’s Right-of-Ways

The Alachua County Public Works Department inspectors are working closely with two companies installing fiber optics distribution lines. Campus Communications Group and IQ Fiber are installing about 300 miles of fiber optics in the Gainesville area and other municipalities. All utilities within the county’s road right-of-ways are allowed by permit, and companies must restore any disturbed areas to pre-existing conditions.

Fiber optics lines are small pieces of glass or plastic about the size of a human hair banded together into a cable and placed underground. Fiber optics can carry many data streams simultaneously.

The construction happening now will soon benefit the citizens of Alachua County by offering broadband (fast) internet connection. Fiber optics are currently the fastest, most efficient, and most reliable internet connection available.

For more information, contact Acting Construction Inspector Superintendent Mr. David H. Owens at 352-548-1286.

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