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Take 5- Hawthorne Fire Station (July, 2015)

This edition of Alachua County's "Take 5" highlights the opening of Alachua County Fire Rescue Station 25 in Hawthorne. Station 25 is located at 7405 SE 221st St. in downtown Hawthorne.
“We are excited about our return to the City of Hawthorne,” said Alachua County Fire Rescue Chief William Northcutt. “The majority of our responses in this area are in the City, and this places our resources next to our north/south response route on US 301.  The renovation work was outstanding, and being back here gives us a facility that we will allow us to stay close to the community even during a major storm.”

“Major repair and renovation of this existing solid structure makes good business sense and is a good investment of limited dollars,” said Alachua County Facilities Director Charlie Jackson.

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