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Take 5- Homecoming Repurposed (April, 2014)

This edition of Alachua County Take 5 highlights the involvement of Alachua County Waste Alternatives and the County Office of Sustainability in the creation of the "Bike Gator" kinetic art float.

The Bike Gator is a paper mache kinetic sculpture built from recycled and repurposed paper, cardboard, and bicycle frames which debuted in the most recent University of Florida Homecoming Parade. It is the result of the collaborative efforts of artists Lorraine Duerden and Raymond Rawls, UF's Office of Sustainability, the Alachua County Office of Sustainability, Alachua County Waste Alternatives, the City of Gainesville, Beautiful Bike People Crew, Team Florida, and Objects in Motion (the UF Juggling Club).

In speaking of the program, Alachua County Communications Coordinator Mark Sexton said, "The Bike Gator is a wonderful example of the important work being done by Alachua County Waste Alternatives and the Office of Sustainability. It's also a great example of what can be achieved when combining of creativity, community spirit, and the principles of sustainability."

For more information visit Alachua County Waste Alternatives and the Alachua County Office of Sustainability online at, or call Alachua County Waste Alternatives at 352-374-5213.

For more information, contact the Alachua County Communications Office at 352-374-5204.

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