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Alachua County Talks- County Stormwater Assessment (May 2017)

This edition of Alachua County Talks features an interview with Alachua County Environmental Protection Director Chris Bird. The program focuses on Alachua County's Stormwater Assessment proposal, how it will impact citizens, and how it will improve our environment.

In speaking of the program, Alachua County Talks host Mark Sexton said, “Every day, pollutants found in stormwater runoff into our creeks, rivers and lakes, directly affecting our quality of life. The Alachua County Commission, County Environmental Protection and County Public Works are working hard to insure the proper steps are being taken to make our water is clean for people, plants and animals, while also making sure the proposed stormwater assessment is both equitable and effective.”

For more information, visit, email, or call the Stormwater Hotline at 352-264-6850.

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