Alternative Vehicles


Alternative Vehicles

Amp: The Hybrid Vehicle

Alachua County purchases Toyota Priuses, nicknamed Amp, to replace less environmentally friendly vehicles that have been retired.

Environmental Benefits

Tailpipe Emissions:

The United States Environmental Protection Agency rates the County hybrid vehicles as Super Low Emissions Vehicles. This means that the tailpipe emissions are extremely low.

Energy Efficiencies:

Amp was designed to be energy efficient. The insulated roof and floor, tires, wheels and energy-efficient air conditioning system are among its special design elements.

Fuel Efficiencies:

The hybrid vehicles actually get better mileage in city driving than on the highway, though both numbers are impressive. The manufacturer claims the following mileage averages: 52 mpg city - 45 mpg highway - 48 combined

You can read more about the hybrid car in the Amp Brochure

Electric Truck

Alachua County uses these electric trucks to transport personnel, parts, tools and supplies used to maintain repair and energy up-grade County facilities.

Environmental Benefits:

  • Saves money
  • Reduces dependency on foreign oil
  • Reduces harmful emissions
  • Reduces energy consumption

You can read more about this vehicle in the Electric Truck Brochure​​