Cost Savings Programs

​​ Fuel Reduction

This program incorporates the best and most cost effective management practices designed to reduce fuel consumption without detriment of the County mission.

County Goal

To reduce fuel consumption 30% by September 30, 2005

Best Fuel Reduction Practices
  • Alternative fuel vehicles
  • Right-size vehicles
  • Utilization reviews (right-sizing fleet)
  • Reduce idling
  • Car pooling
  • Maintenance on schedule
  • Inflate tires properly
  • Eliminate "jackrabbit" starts
  • Eliminate speeding
  • Avoid filling fuel tanks to the top
  • Avoid carrying unneeded items
Right Sizing

This program requires that at the scheduled time of replacement, new vehicle purchases will be evaluated for need and size replacement.

At the time of the replacement, the Fleet Manager, in conjunction with the using department, shall conduct a needs analysis to determine the minimum size vehicle or equipment needed to meet the department's requirements based upon demonstrated needs in the conduct of official business.

Utilization Reviews

This program requires that an annual fleet utilization review be made based on an financial break-even point of vehicle usage. The Fleet Manager shall conduct an annual fleet vehicle utilization review.

He will calculate the average cost to purchase, operate and maintain a County vehicle. Using a financial break-even point of vehicle usage, the Fleet Manager shall recommend reassignment, rotation, removal from service or other actions to the Public Works director as appropriate.​​​