Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for benefits?

All permanent employees who work at least 20 hours per week and their legal dependents, such as a spouse or dependent children are eligible for benefits. A domestic partner is eligible for health and dental insurance coverage only, provided the required criteria are met. Parents, grandparents and siblings are not eligible for coverage.

When do my benefits become effective?

As a new employee, your health and life insurance benefits are effective the 1st of the month following one month of employment. Your premiums will begin being deducted one month prior to your effective date.

When can I make changes to my insurance coverage?

Employees can make changes to their coverage during open enrollment or when they experience a qualified life style change. To make a change due to a life style change you must complete a change form and provide the supporting documentation to Risk Management within 30 days of the date of the event.

What is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment is held each year in July and is the time that all eligible participants can enroll, make changes or drop coverage. Outside of open enrollment a 'qualified lifestyle change' is required to make a change. Changes can be made to health, dental, vision, and flexible spending accounts. Changes made will be effective October 1 and new premiums will begin the first pay period in September.

How do I change my life insurance beneficiary?

An employee can change their beneficiary at any time and can do this by completing a life insurance change form and returning it to Risk Management.

How do I change my address, get a new card?

To change your address on your benefits you must contact Risk Management. If you have lost your card, you can request a new insurance card by calling the provider's customer service number.  

I am getting married, when can I add my new spouse to my insurance?

If you get married, you may add your spouse within 30 days of your date of marriage. To do this you must complete a change form and provide a copy of your marriage certificate. If your paperwork is not received by Risk Management with 30 days, you will have to wait until open enrollment to add your spouse to your insurance.

Do I have to enroll in the flexible spending accounts each year?

An employee must designate a new annual spending amount each year at open enrollment if he or she is interested in continuing in the flexible spending program. If a new amount is not designated by the employee, the spending account does not continue into the next benefit year. The contribution amount may be changed each year. A qualified life style change allows an employee to enroll, stop or change the amount of his or her contribution.

Can I keep my insurance if I terminate my employment?

After you leave County service, you are eligible to continue your medical and dental insurance under COBRA. COBRA is a federal law which allows you and your covered family members to continue your medical and dental coverage for up to 18 months, and possibly longer under certain circumstances. You will be responsible for the entire premium plus a 2% COBRA administration fee​. If you have contributed to a flexible spending account you may be eligible to continue to contribute to the spending account and submit reimbursements until the end of the plan year.