We take in between 4,000 to 5,500 animals annually. With the help of our volunteers, rescues, and community we strive to maintain no-kill status. Which means that no healthy or treatable dog or cat will be euthanized at Alachua County Animal Resources & Care for reasons of population control.

Our Volunteer Program is designed to enrich the lives of cats and dogs during their stay at Animal Resources & Care. With your help our animals find their permanent adoptive home. If you want to make the difference in the life of an animal become a volunteer or foster.

Eligibility Requirements
Eligibility Requirements
  • Approiate clothing including long pants and closed toes shoes
  • Junior Volunteers 10-17 years old
  • Junior Volunteers must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian at all times
  • Adults must bring a valid drivers license or ID
  • Attend volunteer orientation and training
  • Fostering available to neighboring counties
  • Proof of Rabies vaccination and County license* for existing pets required when fostering
  • If you transport animals to local or out of county rescues, you must own the vehicle you use
Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities
  • Cat Cuddler
    Take cats and kittens out of the cage to engage and socialize them
  • Dog Wrangler
    Take dogs and puppies out of the kennel to explore, potty, play and relax
  • Animal Photographer
    Capture dog and cat’s personality for the website and social media
  • Dog Play Group Attendant
    Assist staff with supervising how dogs interact with each other in groups
  • Enrichment Facilitator
    Gather the other volunteers to create toys, treats, and activities to enrich the dogs and cats lives while in the kennel
  • Adoption Counselor
    Help potential adopters interact with and talk to them about the animal of interest personality.
  • Off-Site Events Assistant
    Adoption Counseling at an off-site location, walking and watering the dogs while they attend the day-long events.
    Assist by sharing your experiences at volunteer fairs, etc.
  • Foster Parent/Sleepovers
    Take home a cat or dog that would benefit most from time away for medical, behavioral, or social purposes. Doing this helps us obtain information on the dog or cat’s behavior and personality.
  • Paws on Parole Volunteer
    Dogs stay with and are trained by inmates at the local prison and jail for eight weeks. Twice during the class dogs are taken to an off-site adoption event where you can be a counselor. Volunteers can also attend an FDOC orientation to gain access and assist inmates with training the pups.
  • Doggie Day Out
    Give a dog a break from the shelter by taking them around town for hikes, exposure, advocation, and socialization.


Volunteer and happy dog

For further information or to sign up for a volunteer orientation email: acas@alachuacounty.us