Siting Restrictions

Siting Restrictions

Section 353.32 of the Hazardous Materials Management Code contains a list of prohibited hazardous materials storage facilities in environmentally sensitive areas of the County. These siting prohibitions are only applicable in the unincorporated areas of Alachua County.

The following facilities are prohibited in areas of Alachua County designated as the unconfined zone of the Floridan aquifer system.

  • Portland cement manufacturing
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Pesticide manufacturing
  • Auto salvage or junkyard
  • Asphalt plant
  • Battery reclamation or manufacturing
  • Electronics manufacturing using halogenated solvent
  • Hazardous waste transfer facilities
  • RCRA hazardous waste  treatment, storage, or disposal (TSD) facilities
  • Regional pesticide distribution site
  • Underground storage tank systems for the storage of hazardous materials
  • New wholesale bulk fuel storage

The section also contains siting prohibitions and setback requirements for class "C" or "D" facilities in environmentally sensitive areas of the County.



Aquifer Confinement Zones

Murphree Wellfield

Murphree Wellfield Protection Zones

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Alachua County Murphree Wellfield Protection Code

Section 355.08 of the Murphree Wellfield Protection Code contains prohibited facilities within the different wellfield protection zones surrounding the Murphree Wellfield.

City of Gainesville Murphree Wellfield Protection Special Use Permit

The City of Gainesville has regulations defining three wellfield protection zones. Businesses in this area must obtain a special use permit certifying that the use will not jeopardize the groundwater wellfield. Hazardous materials, septic tanks, and on-site wells are regulated.