Volunteer Positions

Animal Services

Enriching the lives of cats and dogs during their stay is how volunteers assist in preparing them for their permanent adoptive homes. To learn more about volunteer positions, visit Animal Service's Volunteer main page. 


Community Support Services

Volunteers are committed to providing quality, community-based service to youth and adults in crisis through compassion and understanding. For additional​ information, visit the Crisis Center volunteer main page or  Victim Services & Rape Crisis Center volunteer main page

Community Support Services Crisis Center  

Court Services

Environmental Protection

Water Resources volunteers protect waterways through education programs and research. For additional information, visit Water Resources’ volunteer main page. For those who are enthusiasts of both the arts and nature, Saving My Alachua Art Contest is a great way to encourage youths to get involved. For additional information, visit Saving My Alachua Art Contest’s volunteer main page​. Transform empty land into vibrant terrain by volunteering to plant trees around Alachua. For additional information, visit Arboriculture’s volunteer main page. Our Natural Parks preserve the environmental integrity of Alachua County. Volunteers assist in maintaining parks cleanliness and safety for current and future generations. For additional information, visit Alachua County Forever's volunteer main page​.

Environmental Protection Volunteers  

Fire Rescue

Our Cadet Program allows youth and adults to experience life as a firefighter through hands-on experiences. Find out more about their program, competitions, and training by visiting  Cadet Program volunteer main page. Volunteers in Emergency Management assist with promoting and facilitating safety in daily operations. For additional information, visit Emergency Management volunteer main page.

Fire Rescue Cadet program  

Parks & Conservation Lands

Our Volunteer Program is dedicated to preserving environmental integrity of Alachua County and improve quality of life for current and future generations. Learn more about the Parks and Land Conservation Volunteer Program.

Parks & Conservation Lands  

Solid Waste and Resource Recovery

Our Volunteer Program helps reduce waste by providing new and gently used educational supplies to Alachua Public School teachers at no cost. Learn more about the Tools for Schools Volunteer Program.​

Tools for Schools