Using the Civil Traffic Citations Search

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​The Clerk has attempted to make searching the Alachua County online Civil Traffic Citation Index as easy as possible. You should only enter the criteria by which you wish the computer to search. You do not need to enter data into every field.

Searching by Name:

If searching by name, enter last name in the first box. The second box must contain at least 1 character to narrow the search.
For example: entering WILLIAMS as last name and the letter "B" in first name will return all records with Williams as last name and any first name beginning with "B".
You could also enter WILLIAMS as last name and "JO" in the first name and it will return all matches with JO, JOAN, JOANN, JOE, JOHN, JOSEPH, JOYCE, etc. in the first name.
Entering "WIL" as the last name will return all matches with WIL, WILIAM, WILLIAMS, WILHELM, etc. in the last name.

Sample Form

Last Name: [Williams] (At least 2 characters.)

First Name: [Jo] (At least 1 character.)

Search by Citation Number

You may also search by the citation number. Enter the 8-character citation number as it appears on the citation.

Sample Form

Citation No: (8 characters. eg: 9999-XXX or 999999-X)