Report a Tree

Report a Hazardous Tree

To report an urgent or imminent hazardous tree condition in Alachua County, please use the following contacts numbers:

  • Afterhours urgent tree issues: Call the Alachua County Combined Communications Center at 352-955-1818
  • County road right of way: Alachua County Public Works at 352-374-5245 or 352-548-1215
  • State road right of way: Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) at 352-381-4300
  • Trees in Power Lines: Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) at 352-334-2871, or Clay Electric at 352-473-8000
  • On adjacent properties: County Code Enforcement at 352-337-6189.
  • On your property: Call a qualified and insured tree service by following this link
  • To report general tree maintenance concerns: visit