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Tree Care​ ​​


Defined as the cultivation of trees and shrubs

The Arboriculture Division’s primary purpose is to promote the benefits of trees and mitigate canopy loss by implementing the County’s Tree Planting Program.

Arbor Day
Tree Establishment Instructions​

Cellon Oak Tree

Tree Planting Work Plan

Every year a number of Tree Planting Projects are identified in our Annual Work Plan. The projects vary in size and location with emphasis being the establishment of trees to benefit intermodal transportation facilities such as shading bus stops, bike routes, parking lots, and sidewalks. To request or recommend tree planting projects in your community or neighborhood contact the County Arborist at (352) 548-1266.

Volunteer Tree Planting Opportunities

The County Arborist schedules a number of unique opportunities for citizens to engage in their communities and assist with tree planting projects. Volunteers learn techniques for proper trees planting. Trees and tools are provided. If you are interested in volunteering for one of our Tree Planting events, please send an email to the County Arborist at

Tree planting volunteers

Contact Us

County Arborist: Lacy Holtzworth
Address: 5620 NW 120 Lane, Gainesville FL 32653
Phone: (352) 548-1266