NR Staff


Stephen Hofstetter, Environmental Program Supervisor - Steve has a Master's Degree in Biology and over 20 years of experience in local government. Steve's background in wildlife ecology has proven invaluable to the NR team. Over the years, his responsibilities have included development review (landuse, zoning, and DRC), environmental and wildlife assessements, citizen assistance, and serving on many teams including the Community Planning Group. Steve is also one of Alachua County's LID (Low Impact Development) experts and has spoken to numerous groups in Florida and nationally.

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Mark Brown, Senior Environmental Planner - Mark’s environmental career spans 35 years in Florida, including several years employed for two engineering & environmental consulting firms and the remaining with various public agencies (SWFWMD, Hillsborough & Polk Counties, FDOT-District 7, USDA-NRCS, City of Gainesville). His experiences include a range of technical evaluations, as well as project & program design; managerial positions involving environmental assessments, regulatory permitting, ecosystem restoration; mitigation, and habitat management. His EPD responsibilities include development review (DRC, land use, zoning), assisting landowners and consultants with environmental assessments, coordination and collaboration with Alachua County’s municipalities.

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Michael Drummond, Senior Environmental Planner (part-time)- Michael has been a natural resources staff member for many years (decades) and has been the primary reviewer of landuse, zoning and DRC applications. His knowledge of Florida ecology, flora and fauna is also invaluable in conducting environmental and wildlife assessments, and wetland delineations. Michael also serves on many teams including the scenic road committee, the budget team, and the evaluation and appraisal report team.



Eliana Bardi, Senior Environmental Planner (part-time) - Eliana graduated from the University of Florida with a Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering Sciences. Her responsibilities include development review (DRC), tracking green infrastructure and environmental resources, citizen assistance, and website and educational materials development. Eliana is a LEED Green Associate and Green Globes Professional and has been working to encourage Low Impact Development and green building practices in Alachua County.

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Emily Rodriguez,Senior Enviromental Specialist  - A lifelong Alachua County resident, Emily graduated from the University of Florida with a Master’s degree in Forest Resources and Conservation. She enjoys birding, hiking, and paddling throughout north Florida and has a passion for native plant landscaping. Emily previously worked at EPD in the Water Resources Division enforcing the County’s irrigation rules. Her duties currently include citizen assistance and code enforcement for building and construction permits.

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Betty Rosenblatt, Senior Environmental Specialist (part-time)- Betty's background in geology (specifically hydrogeology) has been invaluable in developing guidelines for signigicant geologic feature protection and water conservation planning. Her responsibilities include development review (building permits),dock permitting,compliance and enforcement. She has also been engaged in educational outreach efforts targeted particularly to lake shore home owners.

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Sandy McGee, Senior Environmental Specialist (part-time) - Sandy's extensive background as a Regulatory Scientist with the St. Johns River Water Management District gives her invaluable experience in this position.  Her educational background is in Environmental Studies. Responsibilities include development review (building permits), compliance and enforcement.  She also volunteers for many educational outreach programs administered by the County and local schools. Her interests include exploring natural habitats and educating others in the same.

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