Inquiries and Complaints

Natural resources staff responded to more than 1,100 inquires or complaints about natural resource related concerns in the past year alone.

If you have questions regarding Alachua County's land development regulations and how they affect your property, please contact us:

Or visit our contacts page for more information.

Interested residents can access maps and other geographic information for properties within Alachua County by visiting the following websites:

Department of Growth Management GIS Services

Property Appraiser's GIS Service Center

WARNING: These map viewers and the spatial data they contain are intended for informational purposes only. For maps depicting natural resources, such as wetlands, the Alachua County Environmental Protection Department cautions users that the locations shown are only approximate, and the absence of features does not, in itself, guarantee that resources are not present. When in doubt, contact a natural resources staff person to schedule an appointment.

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