Child Support

​​Child Support can be ordered by the court for various types of cases; including, Paternity, Domestic Violence, Temporary Custody, Dissolution of Marriage and Child Support. The Clerk of Court operates as the depository that handles child support payments in Alachua County.

Once child support is ordered, the judge may issue an order, to have the obligor pay to the obligee directly, or process payments through an income withholding order to the State Disbursement Unit (SDU).

The Clerk’s Depository only receives and processes lump sum purge payments. Regular monthly child support payments must be paid through one of the services provided on the State of Florida Child Support Payment page:

Pay Child Support Online

View Payment History​

Need an official payment history for payment verification? Please call (352)374-3621 to purchase the payment history to charge your credit card by phone. Cost is $1.00 per page, per statute, with an additional 3% credit card fee.

The Clerk’s office has very little power to enforce the payment of child support. The Department of Revenue/Child Support Enforcement is the agency specifically tasked for child support enforcement. For Alachua County, contact Gainesville Child Support & Social Service Office, 5719 NW 13th Street, Gainesville FL 32653 or call (800) 622-5437. Your personal attorney can enforce your child support rights as well.

To receive a payoff statement, please send a written request and a check for $25.00 payable to the Alachua County Clerk of Court and send it to the following address:

Alachua County Clerk of Court
Attention: Domestic Relations
201 E University Ave.
Gainesville, FL 32601

Once received, we can either fax or email the payoff statement to you. Please indicate your preference in the request.

Who can I call if I have a question about my case?

Frequently Asked Child Support Questions

For payment information, updating your address, case status, or any other general questions:

Alachua County Clerk of Court
Domestic Relations Department
(352) 374-3621

For any child support matters involving the Department of Revenue:

Need an official payment history for payment verification? Please call (352) 374-3621 to purchase the payment history to charge your credit card by phone. Cost is $1.00 per page, per statute, with an additional 3% credit card fee.

If you have a SMIOne Card for child support payment processing, you can call SMIOne at (855) 403-8344 for information about e-disbursements.

Gainesville Child Support and Social Service Office
5719 NW 13th Street
Gainesville, FL 32653
(850) 488-5437

For automated payment information, report lost/stolen checks(s), or to change your address, call the Florida State Disbursement Unit at 877-769-0251.

The following are forms useful in child support proceedings in Alachua County:

The following packets are available to modify, enforce or establish child support:

You can search for your Alachua County case number to look for upcoming hearings or recently filed documents.

On the Florida Courts website, you can:

  • Get information and forms for Family Law case types
  • Get general assistance

Driver License Suspension

If a payor is 15 days delinquent, the payee can request, in writing, the suspension of the payor’s driver’s license, per F.S. 61.13016 and 322.05.

  • You must have an Alachua County, Florida, order for child support payments
  • You must not currently be under contract with the Florida Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement Program

Complete the Request to Suspend Driver License and Motor Vehicle Registration Form and return it to our office.

The payee will receive a written ‘Notice of Intent’ to initiate the suspension, and has three options per F.S. 322.245(2):

  • Pay the full delinquency and pay the $25 delinquency fee,
  • Enter into a written agreement for delinquency repayment, plus pay the $25 delinquency fee, or
  • File a petition for hearing with the court to ‘Contest the Suspension’; payor is responsible for filing fees charged by the Clerk’s Office, in addition to paying the $25 delinquency fee per

If the payor fails to select one of these options within 20 days from the date of the Notice of Intent to Suspend Florida Driver License and Motor Vehicle Registration, the Clerk’s Office will forward a request to suspend the payor’s driver license and motor vehicle registration to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. The suspension cannot be reinstated until the full delinquency and fees are paid, or the parents enter into a written agreement for the repayment of the delinquent child support monies.

If you have questions about this process visit the Florida Department of Revenue.