My Yard Our Water

Alachua County has committed to protecting water resources by discontinuing irrigation of county properties! Keep reading to learn how your actions in your yard can affect our creeks, lakes, springs, and groundwater.

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Turf Swap 


This program is currently not funded, but grant funds may be obtained to offer CASH REBATES to property owners that replace irrigated turf with Florida Friendly Landscapes in late 2019...

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Irrigation Restrictions

Irrigation restrictions are in effect year round. Visit this site to learn about restrictions, new irrigation design standards, and​ how to reduce your outdoor water use.

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Keeping grass off the streets back to the law 

Did you know that grass clippings are a source of pollution?

When clippings are blown into the road they end up in the stormwater collection system and then our creeks.

When clippings decompose in water they can harm fish because the process depletes oxygen supplies.

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Pet Waste 

Scoop it, Bag it, Trash it!

Pet waste is a major source of fecal contamination to our water bodies and it poses a threat to your health and your pet's health.

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Dogs Can't Flush 
water graphic Landscaping Tips
Photo of landscape 

Outdoor water use can account for almost 60% of residential water use.

Learn how you can reduce your water use and water bills by making some simple landscaping choices.

Reducing the use of fertilizers and irrigation are key to protecting our springs!

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